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We’re always looking to improve things or at least try new ideas, on the site. Of late we’ve introduced questudes to give our guest questers a short and focussed way to contribute to reviews.



One idea that we have considered on a couple of occasions is the idea of multiple visits to a place before reaching a verdict. While it’s definitely a sound idea, it has proved logistically difficult. I’m not sure late night pizza places were quite what we had in mind for this treatment, but I’m pleased to report that I visited Pasha three times in relatively quick succession before reaching today’s verdict.

Serving late night takeout fare across chipshop, kebab and pizza choices, the welcome is warm with the counter men building a good rapport with their customers. The place has room to sit-in while you wait for your order to be prepared in relative comfort.



On each occasion I visited I ordered my traditional pizza choice, pepperoni and mushroom. It’s the combination that has hit the spot with me for years.

On the middle visit, the chaps manage to accidentally incinerate my pizza, but this meant simply a short delay while they made a fresh one and I sipped a complimentary soft drink.



On each occasion I walked homeward as I munched, after taking the required snap shots. Things were delivered to a consistently high standard. The topping always packed flavour and the soft and crisp base was of the kind that lent itself to easy eating on the go. I was satisfied with each visit.

So overall, I enjoyed my trips to Pasha. I’ve been in need of their services quite a lot, of late, and they have served me well. I’d be happy to recommend it for your late night takeout requirements.

Blythe scores Pasha
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 14/20

I ate: pepperoni and mushroom pizza

I wore: camel coat

Total bill: £8.50

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Written by BKR