After glibly proclaiming that I was “off new openings” it came as no surprise to find me contradicting myself and being lured in by the opening of a new coffee shop on Frederick Street that I’d been watching come together over the course of the last few weeks.



Cairngorm Coffee takes over the premises previously occupied by Le Sandwich, just next to Eteaket. The place has had a complete refit and now looks impressively stylish. Wood is to the fore and they have nice detailing with coffee sacks on the ceiling and clocks showing the times in various coffee producing regions around the world.

They’ve chosen Glasgow roaster Matthew Algie as their supplier. It’s not a favourite of mine. I tried their espresso and it was OK, but little beyond that. This is a massive shame as every other aspect of their offering is hugely impressive.



I chose to try one of their savoury tarts opting for the spinach, mushroom and brie variety from a choice of three, all of which were vegetarian so a big #Veginburgh thumbs up.

It arrived looking rather neat on a bed of simply dressed rocket and parmesan salad. It proved to be absolutely outstanding. The pastry was wonderfully crisp and the filling was beautifully balanced. It was prfoundly tasty.

Lovely savoury tart

Lovely savoury tart

I enquired at the counter as to whether they had been made in-house. The friendly and enthusiastic counter women replied that they were produced by local baker Archipelago. I was pleased to hear that as I’d popped in there recently for a visit, but had found them completely sold out for the day. Today’s little sample was entirely worth the wait.

So overall, once Cairngorm is on a surer footing with its coffee it should develop into a hugely popular New Town favourite. I was mightily impressed by the place. I’d recommend a visit at your earliest convenient opportunity.

Update – 5 June 2014

I was delighted to find out, today, that their coffee is much improved now that they’ve switched to local roastery Mr Eion.

Blythe scores Cairngorm Coffee
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16/20

I ate: brie, mushroom and spinach tart

I drank: espresso

I wore: camel coat

Total bill: £6.50

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Written by BKR