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Blondie’s The Tide is High is just about the first song I can remember from my earliest days. When it comes on the radio when I’m out and about it makes me feel curiously at peace with the world.



Settling down for another Glasgow breakfast, this time in Cafe Lux, the strains of the song drifted through the air as I took off my jacket and reached for the menu.

Rather than consider the written options, the counter man beckoned me over and ran me through the breakfast offerings, basically outlining that he could make me pretty much anything I fancied. I’m going through a bit of a poached egg craze at the moment so ordered a brace of them with toast and asked if I could get some black pudding on the side.

Black haggis!

Black haggis!

What followed was one of those great moments in questing adventures where wondrous words promised untold excitement: “no, but we have black haggis.” The chap explained he’d come up with the idea to mix black pudding and haggis to meet a particular need a few years ago and now got his butcher to make it specially. The only downside was that it required microwave cooking as frying tended to lead to disintegration. I looked forward to trying this strange beastie, muchly.

It soon arrived along with very neat looking eggs and hot buttered toast. It proved a very satisfying eat with an excellent blend of flavours. The poached eggs had a good ooze to their yolks and the toast was suitably crisp. It was a heartily tasty way to start the day.



So overall, I was really impressed with Cafe Lux. From a smart basement setting, they’re doing excellent work. It’s always a pleasure to come across an innovative twist on classic dishes and I was pleased with how black haggis turned out. I’d be happy to recommend a visit to Cafe Lux next time you’re looking for a good morning feed.

Blythe scores Cafe Lux
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 15/20

I ate: poached eggs on toast with black haggis

I drank: builder’s tea

I wore: stripes

Total bill: £5.50

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Written by BKR