We seem to be going through a spurts of new openings, at the moment. I find myself torn between trying to keep up and deciding to give places a few months to bed-in before reviewing. As is often the case, the approach will end up being somewhere in between, in all likelihood.



The pursuit of newness took me to the Hideout, on the corner of Queen Charlotte and Constitution Street. I was joined by Fireside Collective’s Louise, who had previously quested to The Vintage, which is just around the corner for today’s venue.

The premises have been empty for a good while since the last occupants, a Chinese place, reached the end of their tenure. It was really good to see this attractive corner space occupied again. The refitted interior is elegant and stylish with a strong family-friendly atmosphere.

Parma ham and pear sandwich

Parma ham and pear sandwich

Their menu brings together an impressive coalition of fine Edinburgh provisions, with bread from Manna House, cakes from Melinda’s, soup from Union of Genius and coffee from Artisan Roast.

I was, as usual, in soup mood so was pleased to sample a tomato, red pepper and harissa offering. We both tried sandwiches from their board with Louise choosing parma ham and pear while I opted for grilled haloumi. The sandwich and soup came as a lunchtime deal for £6.

Soup and sandwich

Soup and sandwich

I was very pleased with the soup, which packed in plenty of sweet flavour with a well-judged texture. The sandwich combinations both got the thumbs-up, too. The sweet chutney on mine worked really well with the lightly toasted cheese.

So overall, we were really pleased with the Hideout. It’s a lovely space serving a focussed menu of tasty options. Service is warm, relaxed and welcoming, with smiles and attention to detail abounding. I look forward to many future visits and would heartily recommend that you give the place a try.

Blythe scores the Hideout
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 15.5/20

Today’s questers were: Louise, Blythe

We ate: tomato, pepper and harissa soup; parma ham and pear sandwich; haloumi, rocket and red onion chutney sandwich

We drank: water, coffees

We wore: Friday lunchtime apparel

Total bill: £13.30

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Written by BKR