Interior of Ronde

Interior of Ronde

December started on a high note at the Gran Caffe, where MJ and I lunched for the first time together in an age. It’s a lovely place, so well worth a visit.

There was some good street food available at the St Andrew Square part of the Christmas market festivities, with old favourites Bespoke BBQ and Tony Singh joined by The Heilan Coo, which served excellent beef brisket. City of Avalon brought some great quality to the Castle Street market, too.

Granola from Maxi's

Granola from Maxi’s

I enjoyed my visits to Sushiya, Cantina Miro and Delicious, all of which offered real quality in their respective fields. Rodi opened this month, offering an excellent take on Turkish cuisine. Their meat, prepared on an open charcoal barbecue, was really impressive, so it’s one to add to your list for a visit.

It was great to see Social Bite open a second branch, this month, with folks at the West End now able to sample their excellent food.

I took my work colleagues to Yellow Bench, for a Polish Xmas feast. It proved tremendously successful.

Three more that merit a mention are Ronde, the Cross & Corner, and Maxi’s, all of which were really good.

And that’s that for another year. 2013 has been an absolute joy, full of excellent lunching and dining experiences. I did a little tallying, the other day, and we’ve now written over 380,000 words on the site, which is no mean feat. We should get up around the half million by the end of 2014, which would be an amazing milestone to achieve.

We look forward to many delectable meals along the way.

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