Lian Pu has recently opened on Marshall Street, just next to Beirut, bringing a fresh and contemporary take on pan-Asian fusion food. The place has a bright, fast food feel to it, styling itself as an “oriental express”, catering to both sit-in and takeaway custom.

Complete with bubble tea machine, their range is impressive, from Taiwanese and Cantonese staples, to Thai, Indian, Japanese and Singaporean.



From this wide selection, I chose a portion of Japanese dumplings, followed by a mixed meat ramen soup. I grabbed one of their shelf seats, and settled in.

Both dishes arrived promptly, with the ramen looking highly impressive. It was halfway between the elegant mouse swimming pool of Yocoko and the “man versus pho” of Little Vietnam.



I turned my attention to the dumplings firstly, though. They were nicely prepared, with thin casings with just a hint of crispness and colour, and a light a delicate filling. They needed a little something more to raise them above being just solidly good, but they provided a promising opener.

The ramen was a very smart dish. The beef was a little bereft of flavour, but the duck was wonderfully aromatic, and the chicken outstandingly tender. The broth was light, but with good meaty notes, and the noodles provided excellent backbone. I made a proper mess of eating it, but having caught up with my man, Phil, recently, I’m confident a replacement will be available, soon.

So overall, I really enjoyed my trip to Lian Pu. I can see it being a real hit, as it’s bright, lively and charming, and offers quick and delicious dishes. I’d recommend a visit, next time you’re looking to sample dishes from the pan-Asian spectrum.

Blythe scores Lian Pu
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14/20

I ate: Japanese dumplings; mixed meat ramen

I drank: green tea

I wore: blue and red

Total bill: £12

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Written by BKR