December 30, 2013 Review of the Year No Comments

Sheep's heid broth at Scran and Scallie

Sheep’s heid broth at Scran and Scallie

There was lots of good stuff on offer in June, with very good trips to Toast, the Café on the Corner, Sprio and Tani Modi.

I really enjoyed Voujon, a smart Newington Indian, too, so would recommend a visit there, if you haven’t already come across it.

Soup from Toast

Soup from Toast

Scran and Scallie was the busiest post of the month. While I enjoyed the food, very much, the atmosphere was way too stilted for my tastes.

There weren’t any profound lowlights to report, although Red Box didn’t seem to be wearing too well, so could use a little sprucing up of their premises in 2014.

Written by BKR