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Five bean stew from Woodland Creatures

Five bean stew from Woodland Creatures

April continued the fun with really good meals at Pulcinella, the New York Steam Packet, and Tang’s.

Yellow Bench was a mighty impressive place, with lovely, home-cooked Polish dishes, including a fabulous borscht.

"Tripler" from Copper Bird

“Tripler” from Copper Bird

I had a very enjoyable visit to Printworks, and I was similarly delighted by the excellent breakfast and ambience at Copper Bird.

A visit to Mark Greenaway’s new premises, on North Castle Street, emphasised that he’s still producing elegant dishes to an exceptional standard.

Woodland Creatures was the busiest post of the month. I was really charmed by the place, which took over from the old Balfour Bar. The place caters very well for a range of tastes and dietary needs, so is definitely worth a visit.

The only major lowlight was our first visit to the Angel’s Share, where the food and service weren’t up to scratch. A revisit in August revealed that they’d steadied the ship, which was good news.

Written by BKR