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I’d had Golden Dragon on my scope for a while, but hadn’t quite timed things, correctly. After a little post-work tipple, I found myself in the right neighbourhood to give it a whirl, so expectantly crossed their threshold.



I found a classic New Town Chinese place, replete with carpet, extensive menu, and whirringly efficient staff.

I was quick to pick out two dishes from their vast selection: the chicken noodle soup, to start; and the mixed seafood in bird’s nest to follow.

Noodle soup

Noodle soup

The choice of the latter was heavily influenced by my previously stop at the Kweilin, where I’d had a really tasty dish that was described in the same way. Interestingly, regular quester Gary had tried it following my praise of it and had been quite underwhelmed.

This version was rather different. Where Kweilin’s nest was a potato rosti, this was a nest of crispy noodles. It was a larger portion, too. I was every bit as impressed by the quality, so really enjoyed the dish, which was packed with juicy prawns and sliced scallops.

Seafood in nest

Seafood in nest

The starter noodle soup was simple but very good, too, with a beautifully seasoned broth packed with soft noodles.

So overall, aside from being a little pricey and the decor being a touch staid, I really enjoyed my stop at Golden Dragon. The service was warm and welcoming, as well as highly efficient. Both dishes I tried were very good, so I was left with a very favourable impression. Next time you’re looking for a Chinese feed, head to Golden Dragon.

Blythe scores Golden Dragon
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

I ate: chicken noodle soup; mixed seafood in bird’s nest

I drank: Tsingtao

I wore: pinstripes

Total bill: £26.70

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Written by BKR