Today’s visit to Broughton Street answered a question that had been burning in my mind for all of about 20 hours: had Crolla’s relocated to North Charlotte Street, or were their new premises there a second branch?



The answer was the former, as I verified on today’s visit to Firth of Froth, which now occupies Crolla’s previous spot on Broughton Street.

The place has much the same layout, but has been given a little refresh and is bedecked in lively bunting.



I was accompanied on today’s quest by my mother, Anne. We were dotting in between Festival shows on a warm and sunny day.

Our attention was drawn to the soup of the day, which was a cock a leekie, so we ordered up a bowl each. I supplemented things with a wholemeal bagel filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket.



Our soup promptly appeared and looked good. It proved to be very nicely seasoned, and served at just the right temperature for quick and easy consumption, which was greatly appreciated, as we were both feeling a trifle hungry.

My bagel proved good, too. It was a fairly straightforward affair, but the bagel was fresh and tasty.

We rounded things out with good coffee, then we were on our way to soak in more cultural whatnots.

So overall, Firth of Froth shows every sign of maintaining the high standards set by Crolla’s during their tenure in these premises. I look forward to visiting Crolla’s in North Charlotte Street, in the next wee while, to see how they’re faring in their new shop.

Blythe scores Firth of Froth
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14/20

We ate: Cock a leekie soup (2), wholemeal bagel with salmon, cream cheese, rocket

We drank: Americano, espresso, water

We wore: Festival fashions (2)

Total bill: £9.35

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Written by BKR