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Menu board

I dare say that I could have maintained my veggie-infused August, on today’s visit to Bar Napoli’s pop-up stall at George Street’s Spiegel Terrace, but I had the overwhelming desire for some pepperoni, so decided to indulge.

From their Hanover Street premises, Bar Napoli has built a reputation for reliable Italian fare, with their high-value lunch as something of the centrepiece.

The same good value is on offer at this temporary venue, with a good-sized pizza slice for £3, and my selection, a little calzone (calzoncino) for £4.95.



The benefit of my selection over the slice approach is that while they regularly replenish the slices, the calzoncini are made to order, with a turnaround time of about 5 minutes.

When ready, I was asked if I wanted it topped with tomato sauce. I said yes, which turned it from something that could be consumed on the hoof, to an item that required sit-down attention. A nearby table was free, so I sat myself down.

It proved a very tasty item, full of cheesy, tomatoey goodness. The pepperoni was in pleasing abundance, too, and the dough had a good balance between softness and crispness. I was really happy with it.

So, for a quick slice on the go, I think I’d still be marginally happier with La Favorita’s van on the Royal Mile, but for a more substantial pizza treat, this was an absolute beauty. I’d recommend a visit.

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Written by BKR