Taking advantage of the wonderfully warm weather, some of the Edinburgh coffee bright sparks have started showcasing cold brew iced coffee.

You’ll have probably tried iced coffee at one time or another. I last had it at the Garden Party at Holyrood Palace, although I also remember sampling it at a Dunkin’ Donuts on Long Island. From the sublime to the ridiculous…

On both occasions, it was regularly brewed coffee that was subsequently chilled with ice. What’s on offer from cold brew is a different kettle of fish, with a lengthy steeping process that seeks to preserve the depth of flavour.

Cup and stall

Cup and stall

Arrow Collar, who have just started showcasing their wares at the Edinburgh Market, outside St Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral, are using Climpson and Sons excellent Kenyan peaberry (£2.50), which you might have come across at Freeman’s.

If the aim is to retain the complexity of flavour, they’ve got it nailed, as tasting notes shine through with beautiful clarity. The Kenyan peaberry, with its citrus juicyness, is a good candidate for this process, so their choice has been wise.

So, on the understanding that the sunny climes are here to stay, get yourself along to Arrow Collar, to sample this excellently fresh beverage. I look forward to trying other varieties brewed using this approach, not least at Brew Lab, to see how other flavours translate.

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Written by BKR