Places change hands, the world moves on. Rarely are second chances involved in the hard world of restaurant reality. But sometimes the odd flaming phoenix lights up our culinary sky and such is the case with Golden Wall, brought to you by the previous occupants but one (that’s Izzi not Njoi) of 119 Lothian Road.



This time, the aim is Chinese rather than Japanese. They have a pared down list of options on the menu, with a style that’s not dissimilar to your standard Indian restaurant menu. Essentially, they’ll serve you your ingredient of choice (duck, chicken, prawn, veggie, beef, etc) in the style you choose, across a range of Chinese classics.

The premises are much as they ever were, with the addition of seat covers that are somewhat like those employed by hotels to make their regular chairs look like thrones, for the purposes for wedding chic.



I was clear that I wanted to try their hot and sour soup, but a main course selection eluded me, so I placed myself in the hands of the waiter, who immediately recommended the beef with leeks, from their chef’s selection. I was happy to go with that.

The soup promptly arrived and looked very promising. It was packed with duck, prawn and chicken pieces, and the broth proved to be both hot and sour in equally satisfying measures. All told, it had solid claims on being the best hot and sour I’ve sampled in the city.

Beef and leeks

Beef and leeks

The main course was of similarly high quality. The sliced beef was packed with flavour and beautifully tender. The leeks and red peppers provided good freshness and crunch, making the dish deeply satisfying.

So overall, Golden Wall served me two very impressive dishes, packed with rewarding flavour. I’d happily come back for another visit, particularly given that their lunchtime menu looks to offer excellent value. I’d be more than happy to recommend it as a good place for enjoyable Chinese fare.

Blythe scores Golden Wall
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe

I ate: hot and sour soup, beef and leeks, fried rice

I drank: Tsingtao

I wore: black shoes

Total bill: £18.20

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Written by BKR