It was with a good deal of optimism that I returned to the little stretch of takeaway shops at the foot of Dundas Street, which seem to do a roaring trade supporting local offices. On previous visits to Lezzetli, Club Sandwich and Zen Kitchen, I’d been really nicely served, so was hopeful that Finnegan’s would maintain those excellent standards.



The place was a little worn around the edges, but I think that was more from overuse than neglect, so I wasn’t too fussed by it. Their selection focusses on sandwiches made on the premises, daily changing dishes of the day, which focus on providing hearty sustenance, and a range of soups.

I kept things simple with a lentil soup and a salami and emmental baguette.



The service was efficient, and I got a nice little spiel about how if I spent £3 on lunch more than x times I got y things in return. It sounded well-rehearsed, but it didn’t quite sink in.

With my wander back to the office completed, I snapped photos, then began to eat. The baguette was fairly routine stuff, although the simple elements of the filling were tasty. Another ingredient, perhaps a little pickle, wouldn’t have gone amiss to elevate things.



The soup was entirely more interesting, with a really nicely seasoned, hearty soup, packed with restorative goodness. I was very pleased with it.

So overall, Finnegan’s wasn’t quite in the same class as its neighbours, but still provided me with a very decent lunch. The soup was very good, one of the better lentil soups I’ve tasted, recently, but the baguette wasn’t all it could have been. There’s better quality on offer, nearby, but for a change of scenery, Finnegan’s will serve you perfectly well.


Blythe scores Finnegan’s
3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
2.5/5 for setting
3/5 for service
giving an overall 12/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe

I ate: lentil soup, peppered salami and emmental baguette

I drank: nowt

I wore: gold-spotted tie

Total bill: £4.25

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Written by BKR