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Having started my Saturday lunchtime market feast with a delightful bowl of soup from neighbouring Land Foods, I turned my attention to the meaty delights of Bespoke BBQ, with my eyes firmly set on one of their pulled pork rolls.



Relative newcomers to the street food circuit, Jones & Son, the folks behind Bespoke, specialise in long and slow pork, cooked in smokers they craft themselves. They’ll even make one of their wood-clad oil-drum beauties for you, if you ask them nicely.

Their Saturday lunchtime offerings are simple: either a pulled pork roll; or a pulled pork pasty. I opted for the former (£4).

Pulled pork

Pulled pork

On to rolls from Manna House, the first thing applied is a homemade slaw, then a generous layer of the pork, with a lightly piquant chilli jam topping things off. The finished product looked grand, and gave the impression that it was going to be a gloriously messy eat. And so it proved.

The pork was moist tender joy. Alone it would stand as a delicious filling, but the crunch of the slaw and the sweet heat from the chilli rounded things out in to a really smartly constructed, deeply satisfying sandwich.



Oink’s hog-roast rolls have been a big hit with Edinburgh patrons, over the years, but have never really floated my boat. Bespoke’s pork is prepared differently, with a stronger influence from the Carolina barbecue tradition. The result is truly outstanding porky sandwich goodness.

So overall, Bespoke BBQ is an impressive stall, serving a high quality product. The guys running the show are full of good cheer, clearly very passionate about their craft, and fired with enthusiasm to develop their product and bring it to a wider audience. I’d strongly recommend you pay them a visit, to sample their excellent sandwiches, soon.

5 stars 2

Edinburgh Markets
Saturdays, 11am – 5pm Outside St Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral
Sundays, 10am – 4pm Outside The Royal Commonwealth Pool

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