On a sun-bathed Friday, we headed to Stockbridge to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of Spring, at Peter’s Yard. Our aim was to try their increasingly famous “no compromise” pizzas, having heard many wonderful things about them.


I was joined today by Julian, who previously quested at Locanda de Gusti, amongst other places.

We were both familiar with Peter’s Yard’s other Edinburgh outlet, up near the Meadows, but discovered that the Stockbridge shop has something of a different feel to it. This place is somewhat homelier, with a slightly more relaxed vibe. The Meadows place is often extremely busy, and while this place was full up with patrons, things felt a little less frenetic.

Meaty pizza

We arrived precisely four minutes after they starting serving pizzas for the day, timing it perfectly to take up residence at a neat little table, as two lovely ladies finished their coffees.

Service was immediate and welcoming, although each member of staff seemed to have their own unique approach. For example, when Julian asked for a glass of red wine, he wasn’t asked what type or size, just brought a small glass. When another was required, a different waitress asked which type of wine he’d had, to which Julian couldn’t offer a definitive answer. She then looked at the menu on our table which was the food menu, not the wine list, then confidently predicted that it must have been whatever particular kind it was that she mentioned. Quirky is the word, I think.


Anyhoo, we ordered pizzas, meaty for Julian, veggie for me, from their focussed selection. We were brought interesting little side salads, which proved very moreish.

The pizzas arrived in elegant little baskets and had considerable wow factor. With their own patented sourdough base, and high quality toppings, these really were impressive beasts. I really enjoyed the artichokes on mine, which also brought a good blend of cheeses. The salami on Julian’s was particularly good, too.

Veggie pizza

I’m not sure they were quite as impressive as those at Origano, which still to my mind edges it as the best place for pizza in the city, but I think these ones were a little better than La Favorita, which is thought by many to be the finest.

So overall, the Peter’s Yard pizzas were extremely good. I’m delighted that we finally got round to visiting the Stockbridge branch, as I was entirely charmed by it. Next time you’re looking for high quality pizza, with a twist of elegance and class, this is the place to come.

Blythe scores Peter’s Yard
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 15.5/20

Today’s questers were: Julian, Blythe

We ate: salami pizza, vegetarian pizza, side salads (pizzas served 1-9pm, daily)

We drank: water, red wine, coffees

We wore: brown brogues; grey shirt

Total bill: £32.70

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Written by BKR