It’s not all lunch, munch, lunch, you know. Sometimes I stop at places just for a coffee.



My most frequent haunt is Castello, where I’m to be found at least once a week, on my way to work. I’ve consciously avoided getting in to the business of developing a specific “Coffeequest” feature, not least as there are already Edinburgh sites, like Edinburgh Coffee Lovers, that are doing a splendid job at covering this type of thing.

However, having visited Wellington, Artisan Roast, and then Lock Up, in short succession, it did occur to me that I should write something about all three, given that they’re places I’d recommend you to visit.



Lock Up is the brainchild of David, of Freeman’s Coffee fame. For now, it’s open on Saturday and Sunday, 9-4pm, serving drinks featuring a weekly changing “bean of the week”, from a garage space on Broughton Street Lane.

The vision is to get some bench seating in, then use some of the rest of the space for street food stalls, so you can have something to nibble on, while you get your coffee fix. All being well, they’ll be open throughout the Festival, giving revellers another fabulous hideaway to claim as their own, during August’s frenetic blend of culture and chaos.

Loyalty board

Loyalty board

To launch things, they showcased a Caravan dumerso yirgacheffe, which was one of the more memorable espressos I’ve tried. It was the coffee equivalent of fruity Wimbledon, Henley and Royal Ascot reverie, rolled in to one short, viscous burst of coffee sunshine.

If we happen to be blessed with a sun-kissed summer, I can see this making frequent reappearances, and becoming a firm favourite with all who try it.

Rather than a loyalty card, they have a big “loyalty board”, where you sign your name and keep your own running total. It’s a rather good idea.

So overall, you should plan in some weekend time for a trip to Lock Up. You’ll be impressed with what’s on offer, and you’ll likely have the opportunity to try something new and fresh. I look forward to popping back, later in the year, to review things fully, once they have their food up and running. In the meantime, I’ll be a regular visitor, at weekends.

Today’s questers was: Blythe

I drank: Caravan dumerso yirgacheffe espresso

I wore: waterproof jacket

Total bill: £2

Written by BKR