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It seems to be a week for visiting places where we’ve reviewed the previously occupiers, what with our review of Aroma, the other day, and today’s review of Bar Frizzante, which used to be Rombo Verde, and Lazio, before that.

I’m still not convinced that Edinburgh is very good at late night dining. The vast majority of places shut at 10pm, meaning that your options are constrained to Italian (and usually not the world’s greatest Italian’s, at that), some Indian and Chinese places, then kebab and takeout shops.


I keep meaning to do some research then write an article on the best places to dine after 10pm. I dare say I’ll get round to it, one day, but if you’d like to make some suggestions, they’d be gratefully received. That might motivate me to get it done.

Anyhoo, Bar Frizzante is much as this place has ever been. The layout is long and narrow, the style relaxed and simple, and the service high on smiles and charm.


From their wide selection, my fellow quester, Patrick, chose the mozzarella garlic bread, followed by the calzone, while I opted for their melanzane alla parmigiana, followed by the pizza norcina.

Starters were very decent, with my melanzane a better than average example of a dish I’ve eaten in many places. The garlic bread was a good portion, and did the job very nicely.


Pizza main courses were a good size, and again were on the better side of good. The calzone had a really good breadiness to it, and the filling seemed rather good. The sausage on my norcina was very good, and with a satisfying base, this was a rather enjoyable pizza.

So overall, Bar Frizzante served us rather nicely. The welcome was full of warmth, and dishes were all rather good, so we were left full of much required food. I imagine there are other places of equal or better quality to be found, serving at this time of night, so I look forward to exploring them in a little more detail, once I finally get round to writing that article.

Blythe scores Bar Frizzante
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 13.5/20

Today’s quester were: Patrick, Blythe

We ate: garlic bread with mozzarella, melanzane alla parmigiana, calzone, pizza norcina

We drank: cola drink, Moretti

We wore: shiny shoes, navy suit

Total bill: £39.70

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Written by BKR