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Waking up with a comfortable 21 minutes to spare before my train departed for Perth, with only the small matter of showering, dressing and getting to the train station, proved to be no obstacle to my safe arrival at my destination, this morning.

As is sometimes the way, it turned out that I had time to spare before my appointment, once I’d been welcomed into the arms of the Fair City. Accordingly, I went for a little stroll, soon alighting upon Cafe Breizh, a French place offering a range of menu delights across all-day opening.


I was greeted by a lovely waitress, who immediately asked if I wanted coffee. I rarely start the day with coffee, but on the rare occasions I do, it has to be something milky, so I ordered a latte.

My 21 minute dash to the train had not included pause for sustenance, so I was plenty hungry enough. I ordered the galette breakfast, opting for scrambled eggs, rather than fried.


The coffee soon arrived. It did the job very nicely, without being outstandingly fabulous.

The breakfast, on the other hand, will live long in the memory. It looked like a big envelope of bacon and egg goodness, when it arrived, with the buckwheat pancake forming the parcel’s wrapping.


Having added a little freshly ground black pepper, I tucked in, with gusto. The eggs were grand, the bacon satisfying, and gruyere provided good melty texture. Things came together in beautifully seasoned mouthfuls, with the wonderfully light galette unifying the dish with real elegance.

It was a genuinely fantastic dish, quite the best breakfast I’ve had in a good while.

So overall, I really enjoyed Cafe Breizh. The breakfast brought together simple, well prepared elements, into a winning dish. The place was smart, and the service bright and breezy. The music, full of Gallic charm, was full of perfectly uplifting tones, which combined to send me on my way with a considerable spring in my step. I’d happily visit again, next time I’m in town, and would urge you to do so, too.

Blythe scores Cafe Breizh
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe

I ate: scrambled eggs, bacon, gruyere, served in a galette

I drank: latte, water

I wore: navy suit

Total bill: £7.75

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Written by BKR