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I’m not the world’s best at organising my life, but some days that works out to my advantage. Today was such a day, as I arrived in Inverness rather later than I’d originally planned, meaning my choice of restaurants was a little restricted. Fortunately, just across from my hotel I spied the Corner Grill, which looked like it would serve my needs. And so it proved.


On a very rainy Monday, I had the run of the place. A stylish set-up with ample seating for fifty and more, their menu looked focussed on local ingredients, so I was content that I’d landed in a good spot.

Indeed, I found myself hung up with which option to start, particularly when the soup was described as Black Isle potato. In gourmand style, I opted for both the soup and the hand-dived scallops, as starter plus impromptu fish course, then followed with the 24-hour braised beef.


The friendly and efficient waitress was soon bringing me the soup, along with some good bread and olives. The creamy potato potage proved to be very good. This was a very promising opener.

The scallops to follow looked good, with impressively large scallops served on black slate with a pea, minted mousse and prosciutto accompaniment. The scallops were of the finest quality, and beautifully seared. The dish didn’t quite come off, though.

The elements exuded their expected subtle flavours, but didn’t integrate into great mouthfuls. The scallops were still a beautiful central ingredient, sensitively treated.

Braised beef

The beef was simply excellent. As you would expect from a slow braised dish, the beef was wonderfully fally-aparty. The dish had excellent gravy, delightful mash, and lovely carrots and onions, but the stars of the show were the cubes of celeriac, lurking in the depths, which provided power-packed parcels of punchy flavour.

I rounded things out with good espresso, before settling the small matter of the bill, then proceeding all of the ten yards back to my hotel.

So overall, the Corner Grill was a glorious discovery. I’d done a quick search for dining spots in Inverness, prior to arrival, and none revealed this place. I won’t deny that proximity was a key factor in my decision making on a rainy day, but it turned out very nicely. Next time you’re in these parts, pop along to this place, as the quality on offer is very good.

Blythe scores the Corner Grill
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe

I ate: Black Isle potato soup; scallops with minted mousse, pea and parma ham; 24 hour braised beef

I drank: sauvignon blanc, malbec, espresso, water

I wore: Alexandre tie

Total bill: £35

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Written by BKR