Soup from Hernandez & Co

October saw me dining a lot without MJ, as she was a very busy bee, indeed. We did have an excellent pizza experience at Origano, though, with what I’d safely call the best pizza we’ve tried in Edinburgh, so far.

I did have some really good food along the way, particularly at The Bakehouse, Maison Bleue, and Lovecrumbs, which also served me fantastic coffee.

Hernandez & Co, on Queenferry Street, was another standout place. It serves a simple selection of Spanish daytime favourites. Their chorizo omelette rolls are really quite special and their black pudding soup was tremendous.

The Roamin' Nose

I ate my best burger of the year, at the unlikely Eatings, while the burgers at The Cambridge and The Standard were lowlights.

Most popular review of the month was The Roamin’ Nose, which opened in October. It’s a place that has a lovely relaxed feel to it, and specialises in informal dishes that lend themselves to afternoons and evenings spent chatting for hours with friends. It has already carved out a nice wee niche for itself.

Written by BKR