Soup from The Pantry

December started with a little rant about Christmas menus.

There were a couple of pretty mediocre trips to Italians La Partenope and Locanda de Gusti, which was a shame.

Stag Espresso at Dovecot Studios was a complete triumph. They rounded out the number of “exceptional” soups to fourteen, and served excellent coffee, too.

My work Christmas meal took us to Calistoga, which served us very well, and was well-aligned with the “don’t screw your customers in December” theme of my Christmas menu rant.

Most popular review of the month was The Pantry, in Stockbridge. Again, we were among the first to get a review done on them, so there was considerable interest, giving us our busiest single day of the year on the site.

So that’s how 2012 treated us. Do let us know your highs and lows of 2012!

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Written by BKR