December 27, 2012 Review of the Year No Comments

Lamb Passander from Spice Pavilion

MJ and I did much better together than apart in May, as I ran in to a succession of middling experiences. Things were always pretty decent, but I went a long time without a really outstanding lunch or dining experience.

Together, we had three good ‘uns at La Favorita, the highly enjoyable Café Nom de Plume, and the warmly welcoming Spice Pavilion.

Stromboli from French Press

Other highlights were another Glasgow quest to The Dhabba, and a good Sunday roast in Dunfermline’s Grill 48.

Lowlights were disappointing dosas at Mezbaan, and an uninspiring Glasgow sandwich shop called Crumbs.

Most popular review of the month was French Press, a smart New Town coffee shop. Most enjoyably, I was able to hook them up with a new soup provider, when they uttered those most terrifying of lunchtime phrases: “we don’t do soup”! They became another place in the Union of Genius’ soupy empire, almost overnight.

Written by BKR