December 24, 2012 Review of the Year No Comments

February saw twenty more reviews, with some more top quality places visited. The month started in spectacular fashion with a trip to the exquisite Kanpai Sushi. Their miso aubergine remains one of the dishes of the year.

February saw the first post from our resident dietician, Laila. Over the course of the year, she’s offered expert advice on a range of topics, so it’s always worth checking out her section of the site.

Other highlights were Iris, where the seafood was outstanding, the sadly departed Ristorante Ferrari, the exquisite service at Hadrian’s Brasserie, and The Dogs, which established itself as one of our firm favourites.

Lowlights were KFC, with its ghastly popcorn chicken, and the Mussel Inn, with its mediocre mussels and very disappointing soup.

A Valentine’s Day visit to George Square to sample from the Elephant Juice Soup Co was our most popular review of the month. Founder JP Campbell has done excellent work throughout 2012, with their “one feeds two” approach reaping excellent rewards for people around the world. Check out their website for details of their inspirational visit to Kenya, in October 2012.

Written by BKR