After a rather late Friday night (Saturday morning) finish, I was in need of restorative sustenance to aid my transition back to functioning humanity. It was rather lucky that I had an appointment with the ever lovely Yelpers, to sample some brunch items at The Roseleaf, in Leith.

Cullen skink

I used to work nearby, but for one reason or another, I’d never actually popped in, previously. With a table of around ten of us, in their main bar area, this was an ideal opportunity to see what was what. The friendly staff, full of good banter, made sure that we got a good insight.

I’d heard two main things from folks who’d visited: firstly that grub was pretty decent; and secondly that they served their cocktails in teapots. It was a little too early in the day for the latter, so we had to content ourselves with teapots full of refreshing water. The grub was firmly in our cross-hairs, though.


Menus were inserted in back issues of National Geographic magazine, quirkily, and offered a good range of things across the breakfast, brunch and lunch arenas. I was in a lunchy mood, so opted for two courses, with Cullen skink to start, then a pearl barley risotto (or barleyotto, as the menu called it) to follow.

The Cullen skink was very good. With a generous piece smoked fish fillet in it, it was a lovely dish. For me, the broth could have used to be a trifle thicker, but the flavours were excellent and I was heartily satisfied with it.

Lovely water jug

The barleyotto was of similar high quality. Full of pleasingly oozing moisture, and generously studded with vegetable goodness, this was a dish of wholesome joy. It was precisely what I needed, and it made me smile.

So, The Roseleaf was a grand wee place, serving high quality dishes. I’d happily come back, and look forward to trying their teapot cocktails when I do. I’d be pleased to eat here, again, and would recommend that you come and check it out, too.

Blythe scores The Roseleaf
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe (with fellow Yelpers)

I ate: Cullen skink; barleyotto

I drank: two half pints of guest ale

I wore: brown tweed

Total bill: c.£15

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Written by BKR