My digestive system has still got it in its head that it’s rehearsing for an audition with an aerobatics display team, so eating has been proving much more challenging than is usually the case.


Accordingly, I thought I’d present it with an interesting new challenge, today, in the shape of a lunchtime trip to the Deep Sea, a popular chip shop, just next door to Pomegranate.

I am no stranger to the place, but my approach is rarely so sure-footed. When inhaling fried goods, I am usually playing catch-up, having lost my focus and spent too much time in a local hostelry, rather than attending to my entirely more worthy culinary needs. It happens.

Haggis and chips

Anyhoo, the place is a standard chip shop set-up, with the usual array of deep-fried delights, from which I chose to match a battered spicy haggis with some chips. My usual road to chip shop condiment success is through a surfeit of only one item – brown sauce – and so it was, today.

Having returned to the office and thoroughly polarised opinion – pretty much everywhere from “how can you eat that crap?” to “how rude of you not to buy me one” – a settled down to my task.

Extreme haggis close-up

After determining that the chips were suitably soaked in sauce, I turned to the haggis. I munched through the batter to the wondrous mealy contents. I love haggis and would happily eat it everyday. This wasn’t the greatest example, but I was still pleased with it.

The chips would not be to everyone’s liking, as they were lacking in exterior crispness. My devotion to oodles of brown sauce tends to make this the way things are, though, so I wasn’t too bothered. They were just a little too “polite” for my tastes, though.

So, Deep Sea served a pretty decent example of a chip shop supper. I’ll no doubt be back in the future, but probably not at lunchtime. You get a large amount of grub for your four quid, and for me it’s just a little too heavy for lunch. As a good booze soaker-upper, this place can be relied upon, so if you’re in need and in the neighbourhood, feel free to pop in.


Blythe scores Deep Sea
3/5 for food
2.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 11.5/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe

I ate: haggis, chips

I drank: nowt

I wore: navy three piece

Total bill: £4

Written by BKR