For me, today was an atypical Saturday. I tend to use Saturdays as my day of complete rest, rarely venturing out of the house after a spot of morning shopping. On this day, however, I had a full programme of activities, starting with brunch at the City Cafe.

This enterprise was the work of Yelp’s Jenny, and involved around a dozen or so Yelpers from across our fair city.


My last visit to the City Cafe was some time ago, and was not the most auspicious in history. I tried a dish called mofongo, which was a rice and plantain dish of Puerto Rican origin. It was interesting more than enjoyable. But their reputation for good all-day breakfast fare is pretty solid, so I was confident that I’d be well looked after on this brunch visit. And so it proved.

From their extensive range of options, I chose the eggs florentine. Round the table, there were fellow eggers, but also a number of burgerers, bacon rollers, and hot doggers.

There were general noises of contentment from all sides. The burger looked good, the accompanying chips particularly so, the bacon and black pudding roll was very generously filled, and the onions topping the hotdog were apparently excellent.

Eggs florentine

My very presentable dish featured two well prepared poached eggs, with good fresh spinach, and lightly toasted muffin, all topped with hollandaise, in the classic style. The accompanying greenery was good and punchy, too. It was a well-executed dish, and one I would order again.

Feeling a little fortified, I supped a half pint of Guinness, then it was time to move on to my next destination. Wishing the Yelpers farewell, I went on my merry way.

Overall, I liked the City Cafe’s diner charms very much. The place strikes me as a very reliable spot for brunch, lunch and informal dining. They seem adept across a range of diner favourites, which is always good to see. I don’t think they quite offer the quality of somewhere like Porto & Fi, but I’d happily pop back next time the mood takes me.

Blythe scores City Cafe
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 13.5/20

Today’s questers were: Blythe, a merry band of Yelpers

I ate: eggs florentine

I drank: water, Guinness

I wore: action footwear

Total bill: £7.80

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Written by BKR