I don’t think I’m alone in having become a little smitten with Lovecrumbs. However, as is regularly documented in the annals of the site, I’m not much of a sweet-tooth, and neither is MJ, so where others have been lured by their cake wardrobe, not least our esteemed colleagues at Cakequest, the appeal for me has solidly been in the form of their excellent coffee, enhanced, of course, by the warmth of welcome and the quirky surroundings.

They’ve worked hard to grow their business, over the past few months, and their expansion as one of Edinburgh’s more popular cake suppliers is somewhat akin to the expansion of Union of Genius’ soupy empire. Indeed, the two come together in being key suppliers for Brew Lab’s innovative ecosystem.


The Lovecrumbs espresso, made with Artisan Roast beans, is one of the finest in the city, right up their with Castello’s Allpress one, and the Artisan Roast one served in Hula. They’ve been working to refine it, too, striving to ensure an even more consistent product.

And now for a frightening food admission: I’d never tried Marmite, before today. On the basis of my adoration of Bovril, I was fairly certain that I’d be a fan, but the opportunity hadn’t previously arisen to put it to the test. When the lovely Holly suggested it as an accompaniment for their cheese scone (I asked for the “most savoury thing on your menu, please”), I was delighted to give it a whirl.

Scone, Marmite, and butter

As suspected, the Marmite was a winner, and provided an excellent accompaniment for the richly savoury scone. I was a pleased little savoury boy in a world of cakey sweetness.

As a light lunch option, this served me very nicely. The espresso was as excellent as ever, too, so the experience was a complete joy. The wonderfully quirky setting is something to behold, also. Where else can you take tea on a piano, or select cakes from a wardrobe? Lovecrumbs’ charm is uniquely enchanting. And now I have verified that even a confirmed “Savoury not Sweet” can be catered for very nicely.

Blythe scores Lovecrumbs
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe

I ate: cheese scone with Marmite

I drank: espresso

I wore: camel coat

Total bill: £4

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Written by BKR