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In many ways, some of the pioneering spirit of Lunchquest can trace its roots to La Rusticana. I ended up there, with Roman friends, a couple of years ago, almost by default. It showed up my lack of acquaintance with Edinburgh’s dining scene, particularly in terms of places for late-night dining. I vowed then that I would improve my knowledge of our dining spots. 280 reviews later, I feel my knowledge is somewhat improved.

Copper whatnots in the interior

Part of Hanover Street’s parade of many Italians, La Rusticana has been doing good business for a good while. I’ve been there many times, over the years, and it has always served pretty reliable dishes, across the pizza and pasta milieu.

I was joined on this quest by Patrick, who was spending his last evening in Edinburgh before heading back to Istanbul to continue the progress of his enviable existence, where a gorgeous wife and beautiful eleven-week-old daughter are the apples of his eye.


The welcome was typically warm, and the service as attendant as ever. The menu was profuse in the way that some Italian menus are. We contemplated and discussed, before settling upon options. Patrick went for pizza, which I forgot to photograph, while I opted for some tortellini. I started with melanzane, while Patrick opted for calamari.

Dishes arrived very quickly, with my melanzane positively bursting with volcanic energy. It was rather good, once it stopped bubbling. Patrick’s calamari wasn’t very spectacular, though.


Mains were similarly speedy. Patrick’s pizza looked pretty good. My tortellini was nicely prepared, with flavour aplenty from the generous amounts of ham and peas. It was a good filling dish, and hit the spot very nicely.

So, La Rusticana did the job of late night dining rather well. I’d gladly pop back, again. Even though I’m much better acquainted with what culinary Edinburgh has to offer, now, I’m still not sure that I have a good grasp of where to eat later on, so there’s work still to be done, there. Latequest, anyone?


Blythe scores La Rusticana
3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 13/20

Today’s questers were: Patrick, Blythe

We ate: melanzane alla parmegiana, tortellini, pizza

We drank: cola drink, Moretti

We wore: denim, tweed

Total bill: £42.60

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Written by BKR