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This Sunday saw Edinburghers indulging in an array of passions. Some, and many of the Edinburgh food enthusiasts, were at the Foodies Festival in Inverleith Park. Some were in the stadium at Easter Road, while others watched in many pubs, as the drama of the first Edinburgh derby of the new football season unfolded. Others were taking the opportunity to lick their drunken wounds after the first full week of Festival merriment.


For reasons that are neither abundantly clear, nor compellingly interesting, I had managed to steer an alternative course, which found me resuming my usual Sunday practice of walking many miles then stopping when hungry to refuel.

Having lost MJ to one of the passions mentioned above, although I won’t specify which one, I was in control of my own destiny, so when hunger struck I turned my attention to Frankfurter Eck on Elm Row.

I have a feeling that the premises used to house a sandwich bar called Truly Scrumptious. If that’s true, it’s a place I’ve visited before, as my sister used to work behind the counter.

Schnitzel and spatzle

Whatever the case, the place is small and narrow, with enough room for five tables, seating a total or 14 people. They’ve managed the space quite well, so things don’t actually feel too cramped. The walls feature classic scenes of Germany, Bavarian castles, and the like. The waitress’s outfit had a distinctly traditional German look to it, too.

I was given the option of two menus: their regular a la carte; and their special Bavarian Sunday menu. The waitress offered to advise if any of the items sounded unfamiliar, and I was left to contemplate. It was quickly clear to me that taking a recommendation was going to be the way forward. The waitress advised the schnitzel, perhaps with a side of potatoes or spatzle (egg noodles), and maybe a side salad, if I was particularly hungry. I nodded to all three (opting for spatzle over potatoes), as this all sounded good to me.

Service isn’t quick, but this wasn’t an issue, as there is a strong sense that they’re preparing things from scratch and with care, and the waitress is there to keep you posted on progress. In fact, my dishes were a little slow for good reason, as a couple of folks popped in looking for some quick takeaway for them to munch on their way between Fringe shows. I was more than happy to let the kitchen’s haste be focussed on meeting this assignment.


When my dishes arrived, I was mightily impressed. It was all homestyle heartiness, with a bundle of spatzle accompanying three or four beautifully prepared pieces of schnitzel. The salad was a good portion, too.

The salad’s dressing was really well judged, offering just the right amount of piquancy to accompany the crisp leaves and tomatoes. I was pleased with it.

The spatzle was really good, but the schnitzel, accompanied by a profusion mushrooms in a rich, creamy sauce, was the star of the show. On its own, the sauce was a whisper too salty, but when balanced against the other items of the plate, it worked very nicely. It was a great plate of fillingly comforting goodness.

Good espresso rounded things out, on what had been a very enjoyable dining experience.

If you subscribe to the theory that the sign of a good Chinese restaurant is that it’s full of Chinese folk, then Frankfurter Eck meets this equivalent standard, as of my fellow patrons, two tables were native German speakers, and the other was populated with people who clearly knew their way around the intricacies of a German menu from regular holiday visits.

I found the place completely charming. I’m glad Edinburgh has a place like this, as it’s always good to have as wide a breadth of restaurant provision as is possible. It’s well worth seeking out, as the quality is good, the welcome warm, and it represents a really good addition to the list of BYOB places, also.

Blythe scores Frankfurter Eck
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 14.5/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe

I ate: jaegerschnitzel, spatzle, side salad

I drank: sparkly water, espresso

I wore: lightweight summer tweed

Total bill: £17

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Written by BKR