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MJ’s Verdict
I know it’s a chain. But it’s a chain I am fond of and that served our purpose of a quick meal before my family and I met with others at a graduation drinks gathering in the Red Squirrel.

Just a short corner away from Princes Street, Zizzi is an Italian restaurant that serves up pizzas and pastas in a quick and cheery manner. We arrived a bit earlier than normal international dining time (7:30) and were quickly seated. The place is open plan and is simply decorated with warm hues. The kitchen is open to the restaurant and a large pizza oven dominated the back wall.

Skinny Primavera pizza (sans cheese)

We were seated and I knew exactly what I wanted: a pizza. After all, it was over pizza here that The Istanbul Review was hashed out in its fledgling form.

After a short bit of contemplation, helped in large part by the appearance of pizzas going past our table, we all decided on pizza. Both mom and dad ordered the Quattro Stagioni, while I opted for the lighter version of the Primavera skinny option (without cheese).

Quattro Stagioni

Our waiter suggested a Morretti beer for my dad and though I looked at the wine list, I chose not to have any since my night held a great deal of drinking ahead. Soon, our pizzas arrived. Their Quattro Stagioni, or four seasons, pizzas were large and loaded with mushrooms, ham, artichokes, and pepperoni and dad tucked right in, though he was a bit unsure of the idea of artichokes on a pizza.

My pizza was very thin and served on a board alongside a well made, and undressed salad- I mention it being undressed simply because others might have an issue with this, but as it is how I usually eat my salads, I was very pleased and tucked in. My pizza was perfectly cooked and has a nice array of flavours from the vegetables that were seasoned well. The smaller size was also welcome as I watched my mom eventually give up after eating her way through half her pizza, but it was no problem, dad stepped up and took on the rest of hers after finishing his. He’s an average/small sized man, I have NO idea where he puts it.

Nonetheless, Zizzi’s proved to be a hit, since they cannot find pizza like this at home in Alabama, and I was well pleased with my light dinner after a long and exciting day, before another long and exciting night, and I’ll happily go back when I get the chance.


Out of 20 MJ scores Zizzi’s:
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 14.5/20

Today’s Lunch Questers were: MJ and family

We wore: Black dress and boots, graduation gallery wear

We ate: Quattro Stagioni, Skinny Primavera

We drank: Morretti, sparkly water

Total Bill: £35.45 + tip

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Written by TheDudley