Blythe’s Verdict
In the early afternoon of what turned out to be one of those sporting days filled with an all too familiar set of emotions, I was persuaded by an excited MJ to finally break my duck and pay a visit to Peter’s Yard.

A curious convergence of circumstances had led to me not previously making it along, not the least of which was that MJ had already reviewed the place, way back towards the start of our questing ways, along with Edinburgh Foody’sDanielle. They loved their trip, and I know that both are frequent visitors, either to collect lovely baked goods or to stop in for lunch. During one such stop, MJ was good enough to pick me up a cardamom bun, knowing my soft spot for all things infused with that wondrous spice.

Open sandwich

The place seems to do a roaring trade. Scandinavian food is terribly popular, right now, with books such as Signe Johansen’s Scandilicious fuelling much interest in Nordic culinary treats. We were very lucky to get seated at a nice spot at the end of a long, communal table. The layout and decor blends cold concrete and metal with warmer, homelier wood, to give a sense of clean modernity. I liked it simplicity and understated elegance.


Ordering is done at the counter, from where you have a generous selection of items from which to chose. Service is firstly accurate, then once that accuracy has been achieved, friendly banter kicks-in. I liked the approached.

Given we’d been walking for a good three and a bit hours prior to our stop, I ventured to attempt the consumption of both soup and one of their famous open sandwiches. This was bordering of gluttony, particularly as the soup came with two generous slices of their excellent, fresh bread. But I was hungry and keen to try both.

My sandwich was good to go from the counter, so we adjourned to our table, and I tucked in while our soup was prepared and brought across.

Cardamom bun

Combining pea pesto, asparagus, lemon, sundried tomatoes and rocket, this vegan sandwich was certainly garden fresh. It was light on the citrus, for my palette, though, and tasted a little too virtuous rather than completely satisfying.

The soups were quick to arrive. MJ tucked in to her Moroccan chicken, which looked good. I had opted for the tomato and Wensleydale, which sounded rather intriguing. It had a pleasing consistency and was packed with good chunks of salty cheese, but was sadly far too sweet.

We rounded things out with rocket-fuel espresso. Oh, and I succumbed and had a cardamom bun, which was completely superb, and by far the best item from the gluttinous selection I sampled.

So, whilst I liked and admired Peter’s Yard, I didn’t love it. MJ indicated that I perhaps wasn’t seeing it on its best day. I’ll be back to try their pizza one evening, for sure, as I’ve read impressive praise for it, especially from our fellow Food Geek, Hilary. I’ll also add it to my list of places to bring out-of-towners, as it certainly offers something different, which is a fact that alone makes it worthy of celebration.

Moroccan Chicken

MJ’s Verdict
I feel like I have really accomplished something by getting Blythe to Peter’s Yard. Though, if I am honest, I lured him there on false pretenses promising him the new pizzas they are making, but we realised too late that they only do those after 4pm Mon-Sat. But nonetheless, I won.

I love Peter’s Yard. I am glad I no longer live close by so I can’t go there at all times, but it sure makes an excellent place to stop in on an early (7/8am) morning prior to teaching in the winter months for a scone and some coffee. But that wasn’t why we were there today. We needed post training walk sustenance and pre-tennis fortitude.

I went for the Moroccan Chicken soup and a few slices of their exceptional bread (which may be my favourite in the city). The soups arrived quickly and we tucked in. My Moroccan Chicken soup came with a lovely crunchy crouton made from a bit of their own bread. The flavour of the soup itself tended to be a bit on the sweet side. The overwhelming sensation of the soup was of a chicken-only Brunswick Stew from back home. It’s a stew that is made from the leftover bits from a pit barbecue, mixed with tomatoes, corn, onions, etc with a good dose of ketchup for sweetness.

Don’t misunderstand me, reminding me of the stew is not a bad thing, but maybe since I had my mind set on it, I couldn’t really taste the flavours that would normally make it “Moroccan”. Where was the cumin, saffron, and spice with those subtle undertones of clove and warmth?

But regardless, it was tasty and filling.

Vegan sandwich up close

Blythe’s vegan sandwich good, but it needed an extra element of something, a hit of salt, a splash of lemon or lime? A drizzle of balsamic even to lift it a tad.

I was tickled pink to get to go back to Peter’s Yard, and not-so-secretly I was almost pleased that they didn’t serve pizza when we visited, which means we’ll have to go back for an evening meal…soon.

Blythe scores Peter’s Yard
3.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 15.5/20

Today’s questers were: Miriam, Blythe

We ate: Moroccan chicken soup, tomato and Wensleydale soup, asparagus open sandwich, cardamom bun

We drank: water, espresso

We wore: intense blue action footwear, flowery-cuffed shirt

Total bill: c.£20

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Written by BKR