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A busy week reached its conclusion with a visit to Aberdour, to catch up with my recently married friends, Iain and Aileen. I wrote about the delights of their wedding reception at Loch Leven’s Larder, on Total Food Geeks. With Cake Quest’s Sarah also joining the party and the prospect of ukulele music, later on, this was shaping up to be a rather lovely evening.


To obtain the necessary sustenance, we headed to the Aberdour Hotel. We found it packed to the gunwales, but we’d timed it almost perfectly, as there was a table of four just settling their bill, as we arrived.

The nice corner booth at the window of the busy bar area suited our needs very nicely. We settled in and menus were quickly presented by our friendly waitress.


She highlighted this evening’s deal, which offered two main courses, from a choice of venison, ribeye or sirloin steaks, or trout, plus a bottle of house win for £34. It was explained that this deal was the reason the place was so busy, as it’s a favourite with punters.

We decided to go with the steak deal flow, with Sarah and Iain opting for ribeye, Aileen choosing the trout, while I’ll chose the venison. I added a starter of smoked beef carpaccio. It was suggested that the carpaccio should be brought at the same time as the steaks, and I was happy to go with that.


When it arrived, the carpaccio dish looked very bonnie indeed. We collectively tucked in and soon polished of every last sliver of beef and tangy pink peppercorn.

The steaks were simply presented. I’d had mine cooked medium, at the waitresses recommendation. The meat was succulent, with good flavour. The red wine sauce was a little nondescript, but the rest of the accompaniments were good.

So, I was impressed with the Aberdour Hotel. The quality of the produce and the cooking were high, and it had a nicely buzzing Friday evening atmosphere about the place.


I’d be happy to visit again, as their a la carte looked like it held some further potential treats. If you’re in the vicinity, I’d encourage you to pop along, although booking ahead for the Friday night deal is probably advisable.

Blythe scores the Aberdour Hotel
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

Today’s questers were: Aileen, Sarah, Iain, Blythe

We ate: carpaccio, trout, ribeye, venison

We drank: red wine, white wine, lager, ales

We wore: country cool clobber

Total bill: c.£90

38 High Street
01383 860325

Written by BKR