Since a branch of Prezzo suddenly arrived on North Bridge, last year, I’ve been meaning to visit, but it’s never quite come to pass. So it was with optimistic spirits that I toddled up the road this fine and sunny Friday.


The place is generous in its proportions, offering seating for well over a hundred covers. It seemed a little strange to seat me betwixt and between folks, when I arrived, particularly when I’d booked ahead. It made even less sense to have only two waitresses managing the whole room. It guaranteed that the entire experience was served in slow motion.

For the second time in a week, I was confronted with a place that didn’t serve soup. In Prezzo’s case, this was apparently a rare day when this was the case, but I’m starting to think that life is conspiring against me. The “I’m the soup guy” sign is days away from production.

Once we’d placed orders, our pizza choices arrived after a suitable interval.


My dining companion, who recently introduced me to the writing of Ruth Reichl, for which I am eternally grateful, displayed excellent pizza devouring skill, matching me slice for slice. It was good. I’m not sure it was anything beyond that, but it was certainly good.

In due course, we were offered espresso which arrived at a similarly pedestrian pace. It was alright; not as awful as the espresso in some places, but pretty unremarkable.

Overall, Prezzo was fine. Their pizzas were pretty good, but the overall impression I will leave with is that they understaff their restaurants. Our waitress was lovely, but she was fighting a losing battle to effectively manage things. So the verdict is, Prezzo is a safe but unimaginative choice. I’d recommend you go elsewhere for your Italian treats; there are many better places for you to sample.


Blythe scores Prezzo:
3/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
2/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 11/20

Today’s questers were: Kim, Blythe

We ate: margarita and vesuvio pizza

We drank: sparkly water

We wore: smart silk scarf, navy three piece

Total bill: c.£20

Square Meal

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Written by BKR