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The view

With the prospect of our London to Brighton walk looming large, the time for lengthy training walks is over, and we’re at the stage of fine tuning our precision walking muscles.

To that end, I had a little Saturday morning jaunt to Cramond. I stopped off for a mid-morning cuppa at the Cramond Gallery Cafe, where I was joined by friends Mel, Aileen and Iain.

Bacon triple decker

The cafe is in a lovely spot, and always seems pretty busy with the regular crowd of dog-walkers, joggers and others taking the sea air, when I pass by. The welcome was extremely friendly, as we took seats in the nicely appointed little room.

Cheese scone

Mel tucked in to a replenishing bacon sandwich, Iain and Aileen sampled sweet treats, and I opted for a cheese scone. It was beautifully warm and fresh, with butter melting on impact. I was very pleased with it, indeed.

I’ll need to come back and sample their soup, some time soon, as I have a feeling it’ll be very good. For now, I can safely recommend it as a good spot for an elevenses stop.

Today’s questers were: Aileen, Iain, Mel, Blythe

We ate: lemon tart, fruit scone, cheese scone, bacon sandwich

We drank: tea, coffees

We wore: exercise garb

Total bill: c.£20

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Written by BKR