MJ’s Verdict
A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Helen, of Designs by Elani, came all the way up from the big city of London, where we once frolicked, to visit me in Edinburgh. She arrived at 745am on Saturday. I had to work at 9am. We needed breakfast in between… A twitter call was put out.

Welcoming interior

I got a great response from people, many of whom pointed me to Hula Juice Bar. Now, I have yet to actually meet Susan, but she graciously let me know that Hula opens at 8am and I was sold.

I am a morning person. I like to be up well before the sun and get straight to work or go running. But I am also a coffee person, and after hearing massive praise from B and others about the quality of the coffee and the care that the baristas at Hula take to learn to properly make a good cup of coffee, I knew where I was going to take Hels.

We wandered down and arrived right at 8, and we were welcomed in and had our choice of seats. We sat and had a look at the menu. I love breakfast foods, and unlike B, I eat porridge most mornings. What better way to get your day off to a healthy and wonderful start? But even I was torn about what to order. I considered the granola and yogurt…I considered the bagels…I considered a smoothie…but I settled on a bowl of porridge, with blueberries on top.

One thing I truly appreciate is the way that I had the option of what I wanted my porridge made with. Sometimes I do go with milk. Sometimes with water. Sometimes, I don’t really care, but this morning, I opted for the vegan (with water) version and a large Americano while Helen picked the porridge with dark chili chocolate and a soya latte.

I got sidetracked and only took this 1 photo

Our drinks arrived in due time and I could finally wake up. Hula really does know how to make a damn fine cup of coffee.

After a while, (which flew by as we caught up) freshly made bowls of porridge arrived. And I do mean bowls! For a bit over £4.00, I had a massive serving of hot porridge with blueberries on the top. Helen’s porridge came with a wee jug of melted chili chocolate which she poured over the porridge and mixed in. Helen commented that she didn’t know if she could finish all of the porridge…but we both did, because it was darn good. Perfect for a start of a long day of work and a great weekend with one of my best friends.

If I had only known that Hula existed when I lived right around the corner above Greyfriars! But alas, as I now live down Leith-way, I don’t often make it out of my own flat for breakfast, but by golly, I’ll be back to Hula, and next time I’ll drag B along! (and plan to pop by for lunch or even an early dinner [since they close at 6pm!] and give their wraps and soups a go)

MJ scores Hula:
5/5 for food
4.5/5 for presentation
5/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 18.5/20

Today’s questers were: MJ and Helen

We ate: porridge x 2, 1 with blueberries 1 with chili dark chocolate

We drank: americano, soya latte, americano to take away

We wore: Blue cowboy boots; the look of someone who just arrived from London

Total bill: c.£15

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Written by TheDudley