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pea and pancetta soup

Blythe’s Verdict
I think Leith Lynx might have taken the cake, with regards to January Deals. Their offer of a roast dinner for £2 certainly packed them in, yesterday. MJ and I were ready to eat, too, as we’d walked 14.73 miles, prior to getting there.

Of course, I’ve visited before, so knew what to expect, but I was glad to see so many fellow diners trying their tasty, locally-sourced fare.


I stuck with their specials of the day, opting to start with pea and pancetta soup, followed by their shin of beef roast, from a choice of beef, pork belly and chicken. We added a little freshly made focaccia, accompanied by oil and balsamic, to get us started. Rarely have I seen MJ consume anything with such alacrity and relish.

The friendly waitresses busied about, ensuring that our starters were quickly with us. Gary’s squid was positively dainty, and dainty squid was given the thumbs up.

I was delighted to see my soup served in a bread bowl. The soup tasted great, but the bread served to keep it incredibly warm, so each spoonful required a prolonged cooling blow. This was a small price to pay for really satisfying soup. My approach with the bread bowl was cautious, but I ended up devouring it all, using a little of the leftover balsamic to aid me in my endeavours.

Chin of beef (or Shin if we must be accurate)

When the roasts arrived, I must admit that I did have slight envy of Rachel’s plate, as the pork belly looked properly good. My shin of beef was good, but not quite as moist and tender as the spale bone I had on my previous visit. The accompaniments were all good, aside from one of the potatoes that I had to chase around the plate a little, before I knifed it into submission.

With coffees to round out the meal, I was full and sated. I really enjoyed my second visit to Leith Lynx. I hope the crowds of revellers, many on their first visit, had a similar reaction. Well done, guys – an excellent January Deal, well rewarded by an appreciative audience.

MJ’s Verdict
After a long walk with Blythe, through Edinburgh and out into the Pentlands, lunch at Leith Lynx was something I was really looking forward to. I remember Blythe rather enjoying the food he had had there recently, but I also remember the fact that he said the restaurant was virtually empty. This Sunday, I was rather surprised that it was not as full as I had imagined it would be. After all, the roasts were only £2.00.


The interior is stylish and Rachel was awaiting us at a nice table near the door. The table set up was a bit odd with the edge of one corner almost pushed against a wall in an annoying bit that almost should have been given a few extra inches so that she could get out and pop to the loo instead of me having to slide along the seats to let her out.

We were told the three choices of roasts and I promptly ordered the chicken with no gravy. We had an order of homemade fococcia, which the lovely waitress was so earnest in telling us about that it seemed wrong to not order it. Good thing we did too. It was light, had the taste of good olive oil and was a bit fluffier than the fococcia I am used or that I make.

roast chicken with gravy

A few minutes later the boys’ starters arrived and we watched as Blythe played with and eventually ate his soup and bread bowl (which for £3.25 is a remarkable deal). And the fried squid was dainty and Gary hoovered it in no time.

Soon, our mains came. My chicken was great, if a little dry (but I take the blame for that since I ordered it sans gravy) and the veggies were perfectly roasted. The potatoes didn’t really want to cooperate at first with their crunchy wee shells, but I eventually conquered them. The pork belly looked perfect and the clean plates all round tells of a good lunch which was finished by good, hot coffee.

pork belly

And for the £3.50 price tag with the coffee and special Sunday deal, I was pleased, and if they did some sort of deal like that, Rachel and I would book a table every week. Really, every week.

Today’s questers were: Miriam, Gary, Rachel, Blythe

We ate: salt and pepper squid, pea and pancetta soup in bread bowl, sage and onion stuffed chicken, pork belly, chin of beef (!)

We drank: Innis & Gunn lager, water, sparkly water, coffees

We wore: a range of ailments, including sore feet, sore hips, runny nose, no spleen

Total bill: £42

MJ scores Leith Lynx’s
3/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3/5 for setting
Giving an overall 13/20

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Written by BKR