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In the heart of the festive season, Cake Quest’s Sarah celebrates her birthday. It came as no surprise that her chosen location for celebration was her number 1 location, Mimi’s Bakehouse on The Shore.


I arrived a little over-promptly, to find the place totally mobbed. I had to linger as unobtrusively as possible until our table came free. Sarah’s arrival was timed perfectly (she’s a Mimi’s expert, after all), and we were soon seated, then joined by experienced Cake Questers Luke, Sean and Allan.


Our need to consult the menu was minimal, as there was quick agreement that the afternoon tea looked like the way forward. It promised sanwiches, scones and cakes, which we augmented with some birthday bubbly.

Our dazzling array soon arrived, looking pretty as a picture.

Tiers of Goodness

The daintily crust-free sandwiches came in three varieties: smoked salmon; ham; and egg mayo. Each type was good, and they were quickly mowed-down.

Jam and Cream

Our attentions then turned to the scones, which we generously slathered in clotted cream and jam. These were very good, although the jam was pretty nondescript.

Then came the cakes, and here’s where I was totally out of my comfort zone. We had four very bonnie items to choose from: a raspberry-topped meringue; a pink-iced cup cake; a malteser traybake; and another multi-layered caramel-rich traybake.

I have to admit that these were largely wasted on me. Maybe one of these cakes to round out the lunch would have left me reflecting upon things with satisfaction, but four turned things in to ‘Man versus Cake’. I ‘won’ the challenge, but it didn’t bring me anywhere near the same level of pleasure as my more experienced cake connoisseurs.

Quite a Cake Challenge

Overall, I found Mimi’s a very charming little place. They offer beautifully presented, freshly made delights. It’s a cake-lover’s nirvana. I don’t feel that level of love for sweet things, so I couldn’t fully appreciate things, but my Cake Questing chums wouldn’t give it anything less than 100%, 10 out of 10, full marks, so stick with their expert verdict and pay Mimi’s a visit, very soon.

Blythe scores Mimi’s Bakehouse
3/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
3/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s lunch questers were: Sarah, Allan, Luke, Sean, Blythe

We ate: afternoon tea (sandwiches, scones, cakes)

We drank: bubbly, coffee, tea

We wore: knitwear in grey, navy and blue, green top with dainty dots, tweed jacket

Total bill: c.£80 (not including the bubbly)

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Written by BKR