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Vittoria is part of a family of restaurants, owned by the Crolla family, that covers the two branches of Vittoria, Taste of Italy, Divino Enoteca, and La Favorita. Although, I’m yet to sample Taste of Italy, despite its relative proximity to my office, I’m extremely familiar with the others. Many happy trips have been made to the Vittorias; La Favorita remains, to my mind, the best pizza place in the city; and we reviewed the super-stylish Divino, a couple of months ago, and found that the stylish surroundings and exceptional wine rather overshadowed the food.‬

‪This evening marked the start of festive dining for me. Not only did I sample the Gregg’s “Festive Oval” for lunch (essentially a chicken club with cranberry – tasty, but not saturated in festiveness), it was with considerable festive spirit that I approached Vittoria’s doors.

Drinks orders were swiftly taken, and we settled our choices fairly quickly. This particular annual night out focuses on the ritual of the Xmas Pizza, so it was to that section that our full attention was focussed.

‪I did opt to sample their soup of the day, to start, of course.‬

Carrot and onion gave me slight expectations of a very sweet concoction, but it was very well judged. It was a hearty broth, and richly savoury. I enjoyed it very much.

The pizza I had to follow was as good as ever. It was topped with a nice array of seafood, including mussels in the shell.

Overall, I enjoyed Vittoria. It served us good dishes, in a lively environment, to a good standard. The staff are clearly adept at dealing with the odd mishap, as they ably demonstated when smoothly handling a little spillage that took place, near our table. Next time you feel the need for Italian in a medium sized group, head to Vittoria. They will serve your needs, very nicely.


Blythe scores Vittoria:‬
‪4/5 for food
‪3/5 for presentation
‪4/5 for service
‪3/5 for setting
‪giving an overall 14/20

‪Today’s early Xmas late lunch questers were: Mel, Aileen, Pammy, Milo, Iain, Blythe

We ate: soup, calamari, pizza‬

‪We drank: draught lager, red wine, water

I wore: a much under-utilised YSL tie

‪Total bill:  c.£100 (6 diners)

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Written by TheDudley