I was pressed for time, the other day, so had to opt for the takeaway option from Hula. As you will have read, I had a jolly time to myself.

An opportunity arose to pay a visit, before my trip to Hongfu, yesterday, so I seized it.

Given that it was Hallowe’en weekend, I wasn’t surprised to see a queue snaking it’s way from the costume shop, next door, past Hula’s sunny entrance way. I timed it to miss the lunchtime rush, but found the place still nicely busy, as it was throughout my stay.

Guess what I ate? It was of the pea and ham variety. Rather spectacularly, it came with a rustic slice of cheese on toast.

This style of pea and ham, made from green split peas, is one that I have a habit of mangling quite badly, ending up with a soup that whilst flavoursome is way too gritty. No such mistakes were made here, with a beautifully rustic bowl of soupy goodness, with complex texture and hearty flavour.

Susan then popped over with a lovely little sample of one of their trademark smoothies. Slowly but surely, she’s starting to convince me of their merit. I don’t think it’s ever going to get to the stage where I’ll be creating a smoothie league table, but it’s good to learn to appreciate new things.

I topped things off with an excellent Artisan Roast espresso. It was head and shoulders above any coffee I’ve sampled so far on our quests, so it was worth the trip for that alone.

Overall, Hula expertly reinforced the initial perception from my takeaway visit. Pay it a visit, soon, because I have a feeling you’ll warm to it as much as I have.

I ate: pea & ham soup, cheese on toast

I drank: water, sample of whirling dervish smoothie, espresso

I wore: whirling dervish coloured suit

Total bill: c.£7

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Written by TheDudley