We reviewed The Mulroy, a few weeks ago. When LQ: Istanbul’s Patrick indicated his availability for Friday evening dining, this seemed like the ideal opportunity to introduce him to Edinburgh’s finest new restaurant gem.

We began with a little rabbit terrine amuse bouche. It was most amoozn.

Patrick opened with a ravioli nero of langoustine. He described as exquisitely good and one of the interesting dishes he’d been presented with for many a day.

I stuck with my usual soup, being served a tomato, basil and fennel soup that proved to be delicious, accurately seasoned and highly satisfying. It was with a little side dish of aioli, for which little dipping toasts were provided.

Torn between the venison and lamb, Patrick eventually settled upon the venison. It looked marvellous and was described in terms of the highest approbation.

My sea bass was superbly superb. The orange reduction, heavily laced with avruga caviar was a firecracker accompaniment to the beautifully cooked fish.

We took recommendations on the accompanying wine from patron Clemens, both of which proved acutely observed.

With welcoming service and beautiful surroundings, as per our previous visit, we both thought that was enough culinary merriment for one night. We accepted the offer of a cursory glance at the dessert menu.

I knew Patrick was in trouble, particularly when the waiter said that the creme brulee was his current particular favourite, and sure enough Patrick couldn’t resist.

Nor could I with the cheese board.

A pleasing coffee pot rounded things off, and concluded what had been a gloriously entertaining couple of hours.

I’m slightly reticent to score the same place twice in such a short space of time, but given that we were sampling from the evening menu, and Patrick was fairly adamant in his reckonining of the place’s merits, you can see our numerical opinion, below.

Overall, The Mulroy confirmed our initial view and then some. It’s a startlingly good place. Their menu gives you headaches, as every dish sounds just as tempting as the others. Visit soon, let it weave its spell, then revisit often.


Patrick scores The Mulroy
5/5 for food
5/5 for presentation
5/5 for service
5/5 for setting
Giving an overall 20/20

Blythe scores The Mulroy
5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
5/5 for setting
Giving an overall 18/20

Today’s late lunch questers were: Patrick, Blythe

We ate: soup, langoustine ravioli, sea bass, venison, creme brulee, cheese, petit fours.

We drank: sparkly water, wine, coffee

We wore: Cheshire cat smiles

Total bill: c.£100

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Written by TheDudley