Amore Dogs, like its fellow kennel dwellers The Dogs and Sea Dogs, seeks to offer quality and value, focussing on good local produce, simply prepared and presented, in the relaxed surroundings of its New Town premises.

Serving throughout the day, seven days a week, it offers diners a wide range of options, and covers the needs of nimble nibblers and hungry Horace’s with equal elegance.

We were seated on the upper level, with an excellent view over the busy restaurant, which accommodates an array of tables across its split levels.

We ordered some of their excellent bread for a simple shared starter, and a nice bottle of rosé, while we perused the main menu.

The menu freaked me out slightly, as it offered a very similar set of choices to Spoon, where we quested last week. Did I go for the coley for a direct ‘compare and contrast’, or the skirt steak that Cake Quest’s Sarah had enjoyed? Susie’s heart was firmly set on the sausage and mash. I swithered for a while, but ended up following Tracey in opting for the pea and ham risotto.

The dishes arrived quickly, particularly given how busy the place was, and were very pleasing on the eye. My photos don’t do them justice, but then, unlike MJ’s , my phone’s doesn’t have a special ‘food’ setting on it.

My risotto was a top quality dish. It had an excellent depth of flavour, soft, silky consistency, and each forkful was extremely satisfying. I’ve not had much luck with risotto, lately, so was really pleased to be served such a good one. Now I can banish the memory of those slightly iffy ones.

Overall, I was delighted with Amore Dogs. For me, it goes right to the top of the list of places I’d take family and friends who were visiting from out of town. It has just the right ambience to put you at your ease, has a menu that will provide a tasty treat for any palette, and is guaranteed to impress.

Today’s late, late Lunch Questers were: Tracey, Susie, Blythe

We wore: Silver and amethyst necklace, pink Lacoste v-neck, Accidental Tourist suit.

We ate: Bread and olive oil, pea and ham risotto, sausage and mash

We drank: Rosé wine

Total Bill: c.£50

Amore Dogs
104 Hanover Street
Edinburgh, EH2 1DR

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Written by TheDudley