Falafel Quest’s Top 30

1. Papa Ganoush, Newcastle
The best we sampled by quite a way. Deliciously fresh and completely excellent.

2. Falafel to Go, Glasgow
Glasgow’s finest. This place is blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. So don’t blink.

Falafel from Papa Ganoush

3. Mo Beans
The winner of the Edinburgh crown, Mo Beans is predominantly a coffee shop with baked goods, but their falafel was unexpectedly tremendous.

4. Ephesus
Massive and exploding with flavour.

5. Educated Flea
The falafel tater tots at the Educated Flea were a complete joy.

6. 305 Cafe
305 Café is new and bursting with quality items.

7. Chick & Pea
Street food favourites Chick & Pea serve up some damn tasty falafel.

8. Aleppo Kitchen
An Arabic falafel which brought in the added joy of broad beans. Plentiful and quite splendid.

9. The Bon Vivant
Served simply with punchy harissa, this was a delicate and satisfying bite.

10. Aurora
Part of their veggie breakfast, I really enjoyed Aurora’s falafel sausage.

11. Pasha, Glasgow
Cooked to order, great value at £3 for a hearty wrap. A quality lunchtime snack.

12. Arabica, London
Arabica is a street food stall that I visited at the South Bank market. It cooked tasty falafel to order with good bread and pickles, too.

13. Kelvingrove Cafe, Glasgow
Splendid falafel slider.

14. Seven Dials Falafel stall, London
This was another London falafel. The pickles in the wrap were excellent and the falafel balls very good.

15. Domenico’s
Tasty falafel at the heart of an excellent wrap.

16. Petit Bleu
A simple wrap featuring squished falafel. But super tasty.

17. Turkish Carry Out
The biggest falafel wrap we’ve sighted in the city. V good.

18. Palmyra
An enduring favourite, Palmyra continues to serve excellent falafel wraps.

19. Pizza Paradise
My expectations were not set high with the late-night staple, but the falafel wrap from Pizza Paradise was impressively good.

20. Shore Avocado
Really enjoyed this flavour packed wrap.

21. Barish
One of the better meal deals in the city, the falafel from Barish was very tasty.

22. Uncle’s
A lightly crisp wrap with a lot of falafel balls for the money.

23. El Falafel
The name tells of their commitment to the cause. A really good place for falafel and chips.

24. Yum Yum
A really reliable, filling and tasty wrap.

25. West Port Coffee
A really enjoyable wrap.

26. Zenobia
Sister place of Palmyra, but didn’t quite hit the spot in the same way.

27. Deli Global
A bit of a flat and ordinary rendition.

28. Rosemary Bistro
OK, but the shell was almost impenetrably crisp.

29. Leon, London
Vegan sweet potato falafel. Tough, sweet and nasty, and not in a good way.

30. Saborcito
Hard like a hockey puck. Really poor.