Ball Quest!

Since late in 2016, we’ve seen a marked increase in balls. Rarely a meal goes by when a ball, bonbonbonbon, croquette, bite or nugget doesn’t make some appearance on the plate. So, we thought we’d establish a feature page to capture some of the hottest balls of the moment.

Mac n cheese balls

Forage & Chatter – puff puffs
These deep-fried bread doughnuts are simply fantastic and are currently our favourite balls.

The Table – fizzy apple ball
At our most recent visit in to The Table, in January 2017, one of the many highlights was the fizzy apple ball with the dessert. It was the most tingly ball we’ve had of late.

Purslane – goat’s cheese ball
The goat’s cheese ball we had on a recent repeat visit to Purslane was simply outstanding.


Wylam Brewery Tap – duck balls
The duck and spelt croquettes (balls) were the ideal accompaniment to Wylam’s tasty selection of beers.

Strumpets – breakfast muffin ball
Replete with all the breakfast goodness, this savoury muffin treat is guaranteed to set you up for the day ahead. Extreme tummy satisfaction.

Fresh Revolution – mac n cheese balls
With excellent crunch encasing oozily cheesy goodness, these were outstanding street food balls.

Smokin’ Bros – macaroni cheese balls
These balls really hit the spot.

Roti – panipuri
These lightly crisp balls filled with chickpea and potato mix then topped with spiced water are a Lunchquest favourite so it was good to rediscover them on a recent visit to newly opened Roti.


Wildmanwood – arancini
These classic Italian rice balls were delivered to a really good standard as part of Wildmanwood’s expanded menu.