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Ah, scran. What a tremendous word it is. It might be my favourite general descriptor for food, which is probably why I chose it for the Scran Salon which ran from 2014-17. It is more famously the epithet used by Tom Kitchin in his Scran & Scallie and Southside Scran restaurants.

I was intrigued when I spotted a cafe bistro within the North Bridge Arcade called Scran and prominently proclaiming it drew its origins from 2014. This seemed a little odd for a place that opened in September 2018.

I imagine the year disparity relates to the business being a revamp of the previous second branch of Casa Amiga which was on this site until the middle of last year. Their original Leith Walk branch opened in 2014.

Whatever the case, this site has seen a fair few businesses come and go in recent times. Scran looks to be approaching things with fresh vigour, though, which was good to see.

The place has been given a fresh refit across its split level, double-fronted premises. The emphasis is on local fare likely to appeal to a broad audience of tourists and locals alike.

I visited at breakfast time and was a takeaway customer. I opted for an old favourite in the form of a bacon and haggis roll (£2.80). This was prepped to order and soon with me.

I toddled onwards to attend to important matters of state, munching as I strolled.

The roll was of good quality with generous filling. The bacon was lightly crisp and while the haggis was slightly more crumbly than is my preference, a good dollop of brown sauce saved the day. I enjoyed it.

Overall, Scran looks off to a promising start in making a tough spot in a seemingly prime location finally grow into an established offering. I often find myself hungry in this part of town so a cafe open 8am-8pm is likely to come in very handy. Give it a look and see what you make of it next time you pass.

Written by BKR