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Nilgiri Spice

It’s Friday night, everyone’s had a long week, and a beer or two has been taken. Time for a curry, right?

Well, that was my thinking when, with regular guest questers Freya and Hayley along with first time quester Claudia, we found ourselves a few drinks in to a glorious evening at Brauhaus.

I had my eye on Nilgiri Spice just around the corner as it was both handy and unexplored. It took a degree of arm-twisting – there was talk that we should go for either hearty Greek at Taxidi or venture further afield for ramen – but Nilgiri’s welcoming sign with a gentleman holding a massive dosa with the beckoning phrase ‘deliciously yours’ won the day.

The place used to trade a Mezbaan and Nilgiri is following in that southern Indian style. This means dosas are to the fore, as is coconut and fragrant herbage, along with tempting sounding fish curries and the like.

I suggested we might want to give the idli and dosa a look as a shared starter. Four typically flying saucer-like soft idli rice cakes soon arrived with good sambar and coconut. A lengthy rolled and suitably crisp dosa with the same accompaniments was also hoovered up with little ceremony.

For mains we’d chosen classic curry dishes. Claudia characterised her spice tolerance level as “ketchup” so a korma seemed a safe choice. Freya went to the other end of the spectrum with a vindaloo. Hayley opted for something like a chicken saag and I chose their house lamb. Daal, naan and rice were added for good measure.

Dishes arrived promptly and looked pretty good. Oddly, the daal felt more spicy than the vindaloo but perhaps that was delayed action heat. The korma looked oddly like it had been topped with strands of mozzarella although this was soon discovered to be coconut. Hayley’s chicken dish packed good nutty notes from a cashew-rich sauce. 

Everything else was decent but a touch unremarkable. It was a meal that ably sorted our hunger but didn’t overly set pulses racing.

Overall, Nilgiri Spice is probably a slight upgrade on what was their before as Mezbaan had become rather stale. It should do well in this location as a complement to nearby Bombay Bicycle Club. I can see myself popping in to give their Goan fish curry a go at which time I hope to find things further bedded in and developed.

Today’s questers were: Claudia, Freya, Hayley, Blythe

We ate: roasted gheeee dosa, idli sambar, chicken korma, chicken saag, lamb Nilgiri, pork vindaloo, daal, rice, naan

We drank: lager, water

Total bill: £94

Written by BKR