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Little Rascal and D.O.C. Bistro

Corstorphine is an increasingly attractive prospect for bar and restaurant owners with its good availability, reasonable rents, and strong audience of local residents. Places such as Spice Lounge Kitchen have flourished for years and while some others have struggled it is still attracting fresh openings. On a dreich Wednesday, we took to the Lothian buses 26 to explore two such new places.

Firstly, with regular guest questers Hayley and Jessica joining the party, we stopped for some pre-dinner wine at Little Rascal, a bar and bottle shop that’s a sister to Good Brothers.

There we had a very splendid bottle of malbec before enlisting the help of the obliging staff to broaden the horizons of the generally white wine eschewing ladies.

The winning drop was an excellent white rioja. The red rioja from the same supplier was superb, too, with both bottles bought for home drinking at the extremely reasonable price of £12 per bottle.

We also sampled a very good orange cataratto and decent sauvignon blanc, as well as little tasters of various whatnots. It was a top start to the evening.

Our dinner venue was the Edinburgh branch of Stirling’s outstanding pizza place Napizza. Having opened a couple of months back in the former site of much loved Redwood Bistro, they’ve recently had a little rebrand to reflect a broadened out menu of Mediterranean favourites and now trades as D.O.C. Bistro.

The set up is much as it was at Redwood with the addition of a massive pizza oven in the downstairs dining space. This makes it pretty warm which was very welcome on a chill night.

We kept things fairly simple with a shared antipasto platter to start then three pizzas – veggie, diavola and margherita – to share for main.

Things started with some outstanding garlic oil toast. I give it this designation to set it aside from regular garlic bread as it was better than any I’d previously sampled.

Our charcuterie and cheese platter soon followed accompanied by a freshly baked focaccia style pizza bread. This maintained the excellent standard.

The pizzas to follow were all top notch with the Italian sausage on the diavola memorably fantastic. The bases were light with good crunch and pleasing chew. As with the Stirling branch, this is pizza as good as can be found in Scotland.

Overall, it was an absolute joy to dine at D.O.C. Bistro. They still seem to be working out a few kinks with the place, not least the name and branding, but the quality of the pizza at the heart of their menu demands your attention. It is completely splendid. I couldn’t recommend a visit highly enough.

We ate: garlic bread, antipasto platter, pizzas, ice cream

We drank: red wine, water, espresso

We wore: wine appreciation shoes

Total bill: £71.40

Written by BKR