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I was sad to see that Aleppo Kitchen proved to be short-lived as I’d really enjoyed their falafel when I visited.

In their place on premises that have cycled through businesses at a fair rate comes Karma, a purveyor of all plant-based kebabs and wraps. I popped in for a late lunchtime visit.

The fabric of the place is much as before with a counter set-up at the front with some shelf seating, then further tables in the back. 

I ordered at the counter from the friendly counter woman before taking up station at the shelf seating.

I asked for a recommendation and was pointed in the direction of the Karma Chameleon with seitan. This featured red, gold and green peppers, hummus, chilli sauce, sundried tomatoes, olives and salad in a toasted khobez flatbread.

This was soon with me looking much as expected. It was fresh and nicely crafted with the bread of really pleasing quality. 

The balance of tastes needed a little bolder seasoning and a kick more citrus to really get things singing but it was a pretty satisfying eat.

Overall, Karma looks to be a useful new addition to the southside’s lunching options. This has proved a tough location to make work so I wish them well. Their product suitably tweaked and developed has the quality to build an appreciative audience. If it sounds appealing to you, go join their number.

I ate: Karma Chameleon

I drank: water

I wore: Hawaiian shirt

Total bill: £7.50

Written by BKR