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Dumplings of China

I was sad to find that in my absence Sakura Tree had ceased trading. Replacing it is an intriguing looking place called Dumplings of China. I was staying nearby so found an occasion to visit for lunch in my first few days back.

The set-up is much as before but things have been given a spruce up so things feel rather more stylish and welcoming than before.

This was added to by the prospect of many smart looking dumplings being hand-prepped in impressive fashion by one of the dumpling masters.

Although they have an extensive menu of Chinese delights, across many familiar dishes, my eyes were firmly trained on their dumpling selection.

I opted for seven piece selections of both their cuttlefish dumplings and carrot, vermicelli and black fungus dumplings.

First up were a couple of little dishes of pickled veg that were absolutely delicious. One featured beans, celery and carrot, with the other seaweed. They really were top notch.

The veggie dumplings then arrived looking much as expected. They were very well crafted with the filling fresh and well seasoned. 

The cuttlefish ones packed a dramatic appearance with their inky blackness and were again elegantly crafted with delicious soft cuttlefish filling. They were impressively good.

Overall, I was highly pleased with my lunch from Dumplings of China. I can see it becoming a regular haunt during my time staying in this part of town. Make it your business to visit soon.

I ate: cuttlefish dumplings; carrot, vermicelli and black fungus dumplings

I drank: green tea

I wore: double Branca pins

Total bill: £13

Written by BKR