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Detour Coffee

I am enjoying being back living – albeit temporarily – in Bruntsfield. It’s a smart part of town, well connected for getting around and well stocked with good local cafes and restaurants.

On a wander towards town through Marchmont I bumped into a cafe that was new to me called Detour. It was trading where Wayoo used to be.

I had quite liked Wayoo, although their coffee offering was weak, but it’s a slightly tricky location as the name of the new place hints at.

The fabric of the new cafe is similar to the previous incarnation with a simple counter set-up and seats around the cool and simply appointed space.

The emphasis is squarely on coffee. Their house blend is Dark Horse by Quarter Horse, a roastery based in Birmingham where I spent several enjoyable afternoons on my recent trip to that city.

Their espresso (£2.20) was served to an excellent standard. I’m a big fan of Quarter Horse and this was a beautifully balanced blend.

Overall, Detour looks very worthy of bending your route to include a visit to its welcoming confines. They’re serving extremely good coffee prepared with care and skill. Make sure to stop by soon.

Written by BKR